Monday, August 6, 2007

Coming Soon!

Stay tuned, the Summer in the Cage blog is coming soon!

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Debra Augustyn said...

I just finished watching A Summer in the Cage on Sundance. As an person with mental illness, bipolar II, I want to commend the director's own insight and self questioning as he was filming. The inclusion of Dr. Jamison also lent credibility to the film as she herself has become an inspiration to many of us in the community.

Your film also went far in breaking down the stigma associated with mental illness. I definitly saw myself and my struggles as a person with high intellect and creativity but unable to find success in the workplace. Unlike the subject, was it Sam, see I forgot already, I have always been med compliant and have been in therapy for 18 years. His description of the disease was spot on. It is always in the room. It never goes away. But on the other hand, we are not our disease. Coming to terms with acceptance and then compliance is the only path to leading a somewhat "normal" life.

We are different from the rest of society. Our families try to understand, but as Dr. Jamison points out, no one except us will ever understand the horrific pain that is mental illness. And yet we must be responsible and ready to make amends when we come out of the dark.

Your documentary is the finest that I've seen on mental illness. We do have a point of view that should be expressed in the media. I am tired of only seeing and hearing the minority cases of violence perpetrated by a very small percentage of my community gaining all the attention.

Thank you for an excellent documentary. I saw myself and heard my voice.