Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Summer in the Cage nominated for a PRISM award

A Summer in the Cage has been nominated for a PRISM award for "Bipolar Disorder Depiction."

The Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC) annually presents the PRISM Awards™, a nationally-televised awards show recognizing the accurate depiction of drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction in film, television, interactive, music, video, and comic book entertainment. 

The awards ceremony will be April 24th in Los Angeles.

The fellow nominees are Michael Clayton, Friday Night Lights (TV), and Half of Us.


Danielle said...

I remember watching this film just days after being diagnosed Bipolar. This documentary helped me to get treatment. And when it is tempting to go off my meds, my memory brings me back to the emotions this film evoked. It was well put together, and keeps me hoping for a happy ending for both Sam and myself.

Ted said...

I was diagnosed Bipolar 1 almost 9 years ago and this stunning documentary brought back so many memories of the misery of being diagnosed.
When the comments are made by him about "just getting into better shape" it broke my heart, knowing drugs like Risperdal and so many others will put weight on that is virtually impossible to lose until you stop taking them.
A brilliant movie and I wish all of my brothers & sisters all of the hope & luck in the world to feel better thru this often stubborn disorder.
Take your meds!!!

DB said...

I just caught the end of this film and my heart just broke, not just for Sam, but for his family as well. It's almost like he is destined to follow in his father's footsteps, I hope he can get his life back and avoid many years of pain. So talented, so much to offer, I hope everything comes together for him, and his comments about not having children, I felt so badly for him, a hard decision to make, children he longs to have, but doesn't want them to have to suffer from the same demons he suffers from. How brave! I hope all is well for Sam, and hope he is staying on his meds and living his life to the best of his abilities!

Anonymous said...

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Ramesh said...

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